This wiki is still under construction. Please bear with the Keeper as he throws stuff to the wall, discovers what sticks and organizes it in a somewhat coherent fashion.


Welcome to Rituals of the Winter God. The tentative plan is to play Trail of Cthulhu which uses the GUMSHOE Engine. Before the first session, I plan on running at least two playtests to determine the playability of GUMSHOE.

For the playtests I will provide one-shot characters that fit into the mystery that I will be running. I also will provide a table copy player’s guide, so don’t spend any money until we have determined how we like the system.

If you are interested about how the game plays I am putting together some rules information in the wiki. You can check them out here: Rules.

The Setting

Thousands of years ago, before man walked out of the Great Rift Valley of Africa, gods and monsters fell to Earth. These great beings warred among themselves and eventually fell into slumber or were defeated. Fast-forward a few millennia to the 1930’s. The majority of humanity goes about their daily lives without any idea of the Earth’s violent and supernatural past.

You are not part of the majority. Maybe you have heard rumors of cults worshiping strange gods or of murders that cannot be explained by modern science. You have a Drive that does not allow you to sit idly by when you know there are things in the world beyond human comprehension.

The Armitage Files

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