Cyril Bouvier

Intensly curious purveror of ephemora and antiquities.



Academic Abilities Academic Pool Points Interpersonal Abilities Interpersonal Pool Points Technical Abilities Technical Pool Points
Accounting 0 Assess Honesty 0 Art 0
Anthropology 1 Bargain 2 Astronomy 1
Archaeology 1 Bureaucracy 0 Chemistry 0
Architecture 2 Cop Talk 0 Craft 0
Art History 2 Credit Rating 2 Evidence Collection 0
Biology 0 Flattery 0 Forensics 0
Cthulhu Mythos 0 Interrogation 0 Locksmith 0
Cryptography 0 Intimidation 0 Outdoorsman 0
Geology 1 Oral History 0 Pharmacy 0
History 4 Reassurance 0 Photography 2
Languages 2 Streetwise 0
Law 2
Library Use 4
Medicine 0
Occult 1
Physics 1
Theology 0

Known Languages: Fill this in if you know any languages other than English.

General Abilities General Pool Points
Athletics 6
Conceal 0
Disguise 0
Driving 3
Electrical Repair 0
Explosives 0
Filch 0
Firearms 0
First Aid 10
Fleeing 15
Health 0
Mechanical Repair 0
Piloting 0
Preparedness 0
Psychoanalysis 0
Riding 0
Sanity 0
Stability 0
Scuffling 0
Sense Trouble 0
Shadowing 0
Stealth 2
Weapons 2


Occupation: Antiquarian
Drive: Antiquarianism
Goal: Wants to preserve the past, no matter the cost.


Positive Connection #1: Walter Plunkett This man has the most wonderful items. His stories a bit gruesome, but the insights into the criminal mind are quite interesting.
Positive Connection #2: “Preacher” Lawrence G Mayfield – Hired the Preacher as muscle on dangerous jobs.
Negative Connection: Edmund Stuyvessant His money could secure vast amounts of history were to be properly preserved, but instead he globetrots and buys “unique” antiques for his friends as decorations for their horribly garish mansions.
NPC Connection: Augustus Kloepfer – Rivial Antiquarianon. He deals for the thrill of the search and the pay day. He has no respect for an items history. He is also quite annoying.
Location: 7th Son Antiquities – Bouvier’s antiquities shop in Arkham, Mass.


My name is Cyril Bouvier. I was born and raised in St. Bernard Parish on the outskirts of New Orleans. The Bouvier’s have a long history as reputable dealers of antiquities, however the floods in ‘27 greatly affected business. I used my life savings to buy a trunk full of some of the best surviving antiques from the family shop and a one-way train ticket on first train headed west. I don’t remember how far that got me, but I never stayed in one place too long anyway. My inventory quickly grew, but it was generally scribbled notes, either mine, or somebody else’s, but all on the same topic. The Occult. My physical inventory quickly become more… esoteric. I sort of horseshoed around the country over the span of a few years building my knowledge and inventory quality. Eventually I ended up in Arkham, Massachusetts. Drawn like a sailor by the siren call of Miskatonic University.

Cyril Bouvier

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