"Preacher" Lawrence G Mayfield

Unruly ex-detective, sinful preacher and relentless seeker of truth.




Lawrence is a quiet, unlucky man tortured by a past he only remembers through alcohol and morphine-induced dreams. WWI wasn’t easy on anyone, but the horrors Lawrence faced were beyond understanding. Lawrence was a field medic during The Great War and within the first week began casual use of morphine to calm his jitters.

His bad luck follows him everywhere and has pushed him from job to job. Once home from the war, like most men do, he found it hard to adjust. After a few years of gutter living, alcohol, and opium he found himself at the foot of a church. This led him to become a preacher, which later became his namesake. He returned to the streets following a questionable relationship with a married prayer group woman and an incident of missing communion wine. Recently he has begun trying to work as a PI but is finding himself typically being used as muscle or as a triggerman for a number of the worlds’ less desirables.

Newly sober, he has begun rereading his journal and letters he wrote from the war. The inexplicable writings have brought him to the steps of Dr. Henry Armitage and the Miskatonic University.

Drive: Bad Luck
Goal: The grass is always greener. He sees someone else’s life and wants that life.
Positive Connection #1: Edmund Stuyvessant – As much as Edmund refuses to believe it, the Preacher is probably his best friend.
Positive Connection #2: Herbie Reed – Drinking buddies.
Negative Connection: Walter Plunkett – Plunkett looks down at Preacher as being a poor PI.
NPC Connection: Velvet Miller – All the Preacher knows is that he enjoys visiting her.
Location: Angel’s Share – A clip joint – Velvet works there

"Preacher" Lawrence G Mayfield

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