Walter Plunkett

Police officer, Divorced, Catholic, cursed


Thin, bookish, glasses, 6’, Brown Puffy hair, Clean shaven, Wears a three piece suit when interviewing and in the station. Smokes a pipe.

Drive: Sudden Shock
Goal: Catholic Rage – War against the Occult.
Positive Connection #1: Edmund Stuyvessant – Edmund is Castle to Plunkett’s lady detective.
Positive Connection #2: Herbie Reed – Reed was a snitch for Plunkett.
NPC Connection: Father Michael McCleary – Plunkett’s priest
Location: Boston Cathedral


Divorced several years ago from his wife Maggie. Several problems dogged their marriage until its end. He has one child who he likes, but who he doesn’t see much anymore (Devin) due to the divorce. Walt is a “good Catholic” and goes to Catholic Mass every Sunday and Wednesday evening after his beat to re-center himself. He fully believes in the dogma of it, and prays to several patron saints often, notably St Michael(cops), St Anthony of Padua (barren women), St Dominic (Falsely accused people), St Elizabeth Ann Seton (death of child), St Jude Thaddeus (impossible situations), St Philomena (infertility).

He becomes obsessed with the occult after stumbling upon a very strange and dark crime scene, getting swept into an underworld that, until recently, he was convinced didn’t exist. After the first encounter with the occult Walt decides to go to the Miskatonic University library to research some crime scene items and meets Dr. Henry Armitage, who seems to know something about the items that Walt finds. They have a tense relationship; Dr. Henry Armitage shares what he knows but always seems to hold things back from Walt. Walt gives Dr. Armitage the items he finds that don’t fit into the ‘real world’. Dr. Armitage’s help has solved some unsolvable crimes that have earned him attention at the station. He was promoted to detective a year ago.

Walter Plunkett

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