The Armitage Files

3rd session

Kingsport Yacht Club.

Staff is grey waxy skinned. Eyes are wide set.

Architecture is oddly themed. Atlantis/Ocean motif. All windows shutter and seal tight.

Art is all sea themed. Well crafted. No discernible time period. Depicts scenes of Victoria era.

There are cults that claim there are sunken islands, underwater cities.

Gardner is on a lunar cycle?

Atlantis cult + Masonic symbols mid to late 1800s there was a cult in NW US Esoteric Order of Daygone. Early masonic rituals may of originated there.

Island of Crete. Minoian. Symbols on the orgy boat are Minoian.

The only people not expecting to get donkey punched during sex are virgins.

Armitage Speaks at the Hospital
Armitage speaks to the Investigators.

Updated: 4/30/13 because the first write-up stunk. -Dan

After the fire it was quickly apparent that Herbie needed to medical attention. The Investigators took Herbie to the hospital and the next day Henry Armitage asked to meet all of you in Herbie’s hospital room.

“I can’t help but take some of the blame for the tragedy that occurred at the Sanitarium last night. I had hoped separating myself from the investigation would allow you to examine these mysterious documents without my thoughts or opinions tainting the investigation, but instead of giving you free reign I ended up hindering the investigation because of a lack of direction.

“Unfortunately, I think the Sanitarium is a dead end. No doubt something was happening beyond simple psychiatric care and alienist study was going on there, but until something turns up to shed some light on that night, we must remain in the dark.

“I stayed up late last night trying to determine what our next move should be and for the time being I think it is best to get all of you out of the city. Herbie’s injuries are grave, but he should be up to leaving the hospital soon. Once he is well enough to leave, I think you should all head to Kingsport. If we can get you out of town, there is a possibility you will be left out of the investigation entirely; that is if your names even get brought up.

“There is an opportunity here to turn lemons into lemonade, if you will forgive me the use of a weak proverb. You need to get out of town, and we need to investigate the Kingsport Yacht Club. This is merely advice, I cannot and will not force you to go.”

Arkham Advertiser: Arkham Fire Kills Hundreds
Newspaper clipping from the front page of the Arkham Advertiser.

Arkham advertiser 8 22 34

So. Many. Dead.
Successful first session.

Now that you have murdered an entire hospital full of people and sacrificed a party member to a Dark Young of Shub-Niggurath…what next?


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