Character Creation

  1. Choose your Occupation
    • Your Occupation determines:
      1. Occupational abilities (pg 23)
        • Occupational abilities are bought and built at half-cost
      2. Credit Rating (pg 32)
      3. Any special abilities or rules that Investigators with that Occupation can use
  2. Choose your Drive
    • Drive should be based on your characters backstory and personality
  3. Spend Build Points on Abilities
    1. There are two types of abilities
    2. Remember, occupational abilities are half-cost
    3. The party should ensure that as many abilities as possible
  4. Determine your Pillars of Sanity (pg 46)
  5. Choose any contacts you have (pg 31)

Check the Campaign Frame to determine what Occupations will be allowed in this campaign.

A sample character sheet is available on page 49.

An online character builder is available at You will need to register to use it, but it’s free.

Relevant Page Numbers

Buying Abilities: 23-28
Cthulhu Mythos Not Allowed: 35
Drives: 19-23
Examples: 18, 27, 47
Example Character Sheet: 49
Fleeing: 25
Gender: 11
General Abilities: 40-48
Investigative Abilities: 28-40
Investigative Build Points: 23
Occupations: 9-19
Quick Reference: 9
Sex: 11
Suggestions: 26
Trading Build Points: 25
Character Sheet: 233

Character Creation

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