Document One

Jeff/Cryil Thoughts:

I would like to search Occult sources for teleportation and time travel spells.

  • “it cannot be certain, given the means of transmission, that they will arrive in the order sent or at all.”
  • Mentions “The Howling” “Grounding Wheels of Time”

There is a need for urgency.

It is or contains instructions. For the teleportation? Is the teleportation the goal or does this serve another end?

We are supposed “hunt and track” him but also see the puzzle from a different angle. Also warns against Hubris. So pride is causing a disconnect from reality perhaps?

Red Box & Hornets. Symbolism? Lore? Occult? Opening the red box lets the hornets in. Does the Prof steal the red box himself?

Who is Austin Kitrell(sp?)?

Kingsport Yacht club. Lying. Red box opened here.

Travis/Preacher thoughts:

People of interest to be looked into

  • Oliver Gardiner
  • Diamond Walsh
  • Austin Kittrell
  • Woman from photograph
  • nyarlathotep

Use biology on flower petals and leaf to know type and possible locations. Are they old or fresh?
Hornets = hive mind metaphor? perhaps his mind and action being controlled similarly, or at least his crazy perception?

Photograph – writing on back? Someone look into the possibility of finding a negative of the photo? Recent production? Old? Location photo taken in?

Are the boxes drawn a map or a cityscape?

Places to think about

  • Circus (Past/future/present)
  • Sanatorium
  • Old boating association (is this what jeff thinks is Kingsport yacht club?)

What is the word after the howling?
Red box contains book—not to be touched.

What is thing pinned to note?

Professor requires watching and associates should be questioned as to his mental status and whereabouts recently.

Andrew/Herbie initial impressions

Aethers. It’s Howling Aethers. The doc says this letter is in his handwriting. Cyril thinks it has to do with some teleportation or time travel spell. The whole thing reads like a bunch of malarky. But, say we run with it. If they’re both true then the doc sent this from some other place and time after following a path that made him crazy. The future it sounds like. So this letter is supposed to be a warning to do things differently, right?

But, you know what interests me? These folks chasing the doc, these fellas that stole his face. The Faceless Ones. Like the picture. So they ain’t got faces of their own an steal others? I figure chasing them caused the doc to find this red box.. or book, or whatever, open it, and let out the hornets that messed with his thoughts and memories. If I’m honest here, I ain’t heard of no hornets in somebodiy’s mind before. But it wouldn’t be the weirdest thing I ever heard of either.

There’s a couple things in here that are pretty strange, like when the letter talks about the patient in the sanatorium who knows more than he or she thinks he knows. How you can tell by the telltale signs, Beads of Sweat, Eyes Behind The Eyes? And any of you ever heard of the Tears of Azazoth?

And, Cyril, the book wasn’t opened at the yacht club, it was opened before. So the doc could have already been compromised by the time he got there. Maybe that’s why they were lying. They thought he was one of these Faceless Ones.

And what’s the J. Edgar Hoover connection? Connection to what or who? And who are the Old Ones? Are they the ones stealing faces? And why is October a trap? What happened at that circus in October (if it was October). If you ask me, the circus ain’t counter-productive. Least when we wear other faces, they are happy ones, and they don’t already belong to other people.

The letter sure is right when it says wheels in wheels. This is some pretty wild stuff. A book that can’t be destroyed and only exists in the minds of those that name it? And if it’s handled or read it opens a red box that releases hornets into your mind that mess with your thoughts and memories?

And that last part is really something isn’t it? Sounds like the author has seen that something ain’t right with the world. That there is what you see and what you don’t. And they are getting all mashed together. Maybe that’s where those Howling Aethers come into play. They are the space between what we know and what THEY know. The space between everything where you can send a letter from one place to another, one time to another. Shoot, if there were something like that, it would explain how some of those magician I’ve known pull off some of their better tricks.

Whatever this Ebon Hand of Nyarlahotep is, you can be sure we’d best watch out for it. If the letter is right, then it’s got some kind of influence over both worlds. And it sure sounds like it has everything to do with the Faceless Ones or Old Ones or whoever it was got to the author in the building where this was put together. Maybe we could find that building, supposedly it stands out…

Hell, I’m forgetting the letters are sent out of order and according to this one, the letters written later we should trust less. Well wasn’t this one written latest of all? I mean it’s not even clear if the doc is the one writing this. Would you call yourself your oldest friend? The letter even says just because something looks familiar doesn’t mean you can trust it.

Now here, let me take a look at those drawings….

To be clear my posting is Jeff’s thoughts. I am not quite sure what Cryil thinks yet. It was my understanding that we where supposed to post out of character here in order to minimize discussion and get into play faster at the session. I am not trying to be a dick, I just don’t want to start the game with an impression of the character that isn’t true, unless that impression is based of character/role play stuff.

Neither I or Cyril is positing that is actually teleportation or time travel. The evidence for this is mostly circumstational and involves taking the note and Prof. on faith as being correct/real.

My notes mention the Red Box (not the book) being opened at the Yacht Club. Not the book.

On a side note the hand out is really cool and I like how we are starting out, but please know that I get a headache and want to murder hobos when I try to read it because my eyes suck at life. So I really didn’t spend a whole lot of time reading it.
– Jeff/Cyril

Document One

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