Quick and Dirty Skills Rundown

General Skills:

Test: Roll 1d6, add any points from the General Ability you are testing and add the pool points you spend to the d6 roll. If you beat the Difficulty Number (usually between 2-8; most often it is 4) you succeed.

Contest: Same as a test, but you are rolling against someone. The first to fail their roll, fails. A Contest continues into one of the participants fails their roll. If the participant rolling first fails their roll the second participant does not need to make a roll. They win by not losing.

Helping: Each point spent by a friendly Investigator beyond first adds to total. IE: If Investigator X spends 3 points to help Investigator Y, Investigator Y would add +2 to their d6 Test roll.

Piggybacking: Each Investigator “piggybacking” on the Investigator making the Test must spend a point. For each Investigator that does not spend a point +2 difficulty is added to the difficulty. IE: Investigators X, Y, and Z are following Investigator A as he sneaks down a dark alley. If Investigators X, Y, and Z all spend one point Investigator A does not take any penalties. If Investigators X and Y spend one point, but Investigator Z is unable too, the Difficulty Number for Investigator A goes up +2. If Investigators X, Y, and Z all are unable to spend one point the Difficulty Number goes up +6.

Combat: Roll a d6, if you beat their Hit Threshold, roll damage.

Investigative Skills

Core clue: No point spend is necessary. If you have a relevant Investigative ability you get the clue for free.

Supplementary Clue: If you spend at least one pool point from Investigative Ability X you will receive extra information.

Benefit: Spend at least one point.

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Quick and Dirty Skills Rundown

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