Stability protects you from shock.

  • Test Stability vs 4 for ordinary horror, vs 5 for Mythos events.
    • If you fail, lose a stated amount from your Stability pool. Some Mythos threats cause Stability loss even on a success!
    • Point spends from the Stability pool may be worthwhile against far greater loss from a failed test.
  • You are shaken when Stability is between 0 and —5 (penalties as for hurt),
  • blasted at —6 to —11 (fight or flight only, lose 1 permanent Stability);
  • and permanently gaga at —12.

Blasted investigators may gain a madness like a delusion or an obsession, and/or become shell shocked: when facing the source of fear again, test Stability;

  • on failure, you freeze up for 15 minutes and are shaken for 24 hours, but lose no Stability.
  • Refresh someone else’s stability by 2 with a Psychoanalysis spend;
  • refresh your own by 1d6 with an appropriate investigative spend and roleplaying that wows your friends.

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