Credit Rating

Think of Credit Rating as your Social Resources.

Credit Rating is your ability to operate within a certain socioeconomic bracket. You understand the sociatol norms and expectations of your economic class and the majority of people you know and trust (and who trust you in return) are within your economic class. That is, Credit Rating isn’t just how much money you make a year, but the social class that you below too. An Investigator’s ability to operate successfully within a specific class can float up or down by or or two levels, depending on the situation.

Credit Rating works differently from other abilities, in that its rating level is both a description of the type of Credit Rating and a pool size. The Credit Rating Ability is made up of eight different levels: Pauper, Lower Class, Working Class, Lower Middle-Class, Middle-Class, Upper Middle-Class, Upper Class and Wealthy. The chart below breaks down Credit Rating by Class, how people within that class live, dress and what sort of jobs they work, and a rough annual income.

Credit rating table

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Credit Rating

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