Health is your ability to sustain injuries, resist infection, and survive the effects of toxins.

Unlike most abilities, your Health pool can drop below zero. Once it hits zero you must make a Consciousness Roll. The Difficulty Number is the absolute value of your Health Pool after you take damage. For example, if your Health is 1 and you take 6 points of damage the Difficulty Number of you Consciousness Roll is 5, so you would need to roll a 5 or a 6 to remain conscious (1 – 6 = -5; the absolute value of -5 is 5). Every time you take a point of damage below 1 you must make a Consciousness Roll.

Unlike other abilities you can spend Health points even if you have zero. Points spent in this manner reduce your Health Pool. Every point you spend is added to your Consciousness Roll.

Consciousness Roll Example

An Investigator has 1 Health. He takes 6 points of damage which drops him to -5. He has to make a Consciousness Roll with a Difficulty Number of 5. He decides it is worth removing 2 more points from his Health Roll to remain conscious; after the Consciousness Roll, regardless of the outcome, his Health Pool will be -7. The 2 points are added to his die roll which means he only needs a 3 on his d6 instead of a 5.


If your Health Pool is between 0 to -5 you are hurt. You have not suffered any permanent injuries, just some bumps, cuts, and bruises. The pain caused by being hurt makes it impossible to spend points on Investigative abilities. It also increases the Difficulty Number of any tests or contest, including opponents Hit Thresholds, by 1.

First Aid on Hurt Investigators

A character with the First Aid ability can refresh your Health pool by spending First Aid points at a cost of 2 Health points for every one First Aid point spent. If you are using First Aid on yourself Health points are bought at a one-to-one ratio. First Aid can only refresh a Health pool to what it was at the start of the Scene.

Seriously Wounded

If your Health Pool is between -6 and -11 you are seriously wounded. You must make a Consciousness Roll, but whether or not you maintain consciousness, you are no longer able to fight. Unless you receive First Aid you will lose one Health point every half hour.

First Aid on Seriously Wounded Investigators

First Aid may be used to stabilize a Seriously Wounded Investigator at a cost of 2 First Aid points. No additional Health points my be gained by the Seriously Wounded Investigator. Instead they must find a hospital and rest for a number of days equal to the absolute value of your Health pool. For example an Investigator with -8 Health points would need to stay 8 days in a hospital. On the 8th day the Investigator would gain back half of his Health pool and on the 9th day his Health pool would be back at its maximum value.


Once your Health pool drops to -12 you are dead. Time for someone to attempt to solve the mystery of your death!

Natural Refresh Rate

Your Health pool refreshes naturally over time at a rate of 2 points per day or restful activity.

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